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Why You Should Join the IBNS (International Bank Note Society) -

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The International Bank Note Society was formed in 1961 and was one of the first clubs for collectors of paper money (along with the SPMC - Society of Paper Money Collectors formed the same year). The IBNS focuses on collectors of world paper money while the SPMC targets mainly collectors of U.S. banknotes. 

One of the best benefits of joining the IBNS is that it currently has over 2,200 members in well over 100 countries worldwide. Many countries have local chapters as well as regional chapters in countries such as the U.S. or England. As a member you are provided with a list of IBNS members, their addresses (if they wish) as well as their collecting specialties on an annual basis and you are encouraged to contact any of them.

Another major benefit of joining is the quarterly IBNS Journal. This journal is a very high quality, professionally produced publication which always includes many detailed articles on the hobby. Articles usually cover the artistic, security and historic features of bank notes. Updates are also given on new issues of bank notes worldwide. The IBNS also has a website that is quite large and is being expanded.

The semi-annual mail bid auction is another great part of being a member. Twice a year you will be treated to a large catalog of items you can bid on. You can always rest assured they will be properly graded and you can decide how much you want to pay for an item. This is great fun and is run very professionally. 

For the latest information on how to join the IBNS (International Bank Note Society) click here to view their website.

The membership dues are (as of Jan '13):
$33.00/yr --- Individual
$16.50/yr --- Junior
$33.00/yr --- Family

It's as simple as that! I believe the money is well worth it, I'm always excited to open my mail box and discover materials from the IBNS! They are always interesting and informative.

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